Break Room Services


Bocca Bliss offers first rate Break Room programs. Our Program options will help your organizations efforts to increase your employees’ morale and productivity. Our options range from offering light healthy snacks to full meals for those who are working late or do not want to leave their desks.

We understand every workplace environment has its challenges. We here at Bocca Bliss strive to offer a complete range of not only fresh and healthy options, but new, innovative and exciting snack options. We also offer a full range of beverages, from coffees, teas, to a very wide assortment cold fresh juices as well as a complete assortment of carbonated, and non-carbonated options.

Bocca Bliss will tailor its Break Room Services to meet your specific needs and customized it to fit the culture of your organization. Some Examples of the Options that we offer:

  • Individual Cut Vegetable Containers
  • Individual Wrapped Whole Fruits
  • Individual Freshly Sliced Fruit Containers
  • Individual Assorted Cut Cheeses
  • Individual Grain Options
  • Individual Salads
  • Individual Homemade Wraps and/or Sandwiches
  • Individual Cereal Cups
  • A wide variety of Granola & Energy Bars
  • A wide variety of Chips and Bagged Snacks
  • A wide variety of Mixed Nuts
  • A variety of Sparkling Water
  • Sodas, Fresh and Packaged Juices
  • Individual Hot Beverage service