Amenities & Services:

  • Two (2) event/venue staffers at all times for set-up, breakdown, and logistics questions throughout event. These people are familiar with our space and cannot be replaced by outside volunteers
  • WIFI. We have great wifi on a “Guest” network that you and your event attendees are welcome to use. We have 3 networks in total in the space, and capacity to expand bandwidth even further for hackathons and events that need greater internet usage, all included in your rental.
  • Basic A/V set-up: one 48” monitor, two microphones, speakers, mixer. Additional specs below.
  • Use of available chairs and tables in a variety of set-ups
    • We have ~75 chairs on each floor and additional seating for up to 100 can be arranged as needed.  The majority of chairs in our space are from the Herman Miller Sayl series, specially designed to be highly ergonomic with extremely minimal environmental impact. Convenient for flexible set-ups, and very comfortable for guests!
    • Each floor has 12 “petal” (oval-shaped) tables that measure 3’ x 5’ and at least 4 high-top blue circle tables. The 5th floor also has 20 square tables that are a mix of 2 ½’ x 2 ½‘ and 3’ x 3’ sizes.
    • All of our furniture is on wheels and our event staff will help remove unnecessary furniture from main event space. Take a peek through some previous event photos to get a sense of some different options available.

For Additional Info:

Description 5th Floor

Seats: 130

Stands: 200

Full-floor main event space, the fifth floor features hardwood floors, adjustable lighting, and a small triangular raised stage (95 sq ft) against a full wall of exposed brick. The wooden monumental steps provide additional seating for larger groups. A rotating, curated gallery of original art pieces animate the space on an ongoing basis. The fifth floor is approximately 4,000 sq ft and can accommodate seated events for 130 and networking events for 200.

Description 6th Floor

Seats: 80

Stands: 150

Multiple large skylights, white floors, and live plants in wall-mounted boxes along the exposed brick combine to create an expansive feel on the the sixth and top floor. A faux-bookcase mural hides staircase access, full glass doors to conference rooms, and two beautiful pink & blue vintage couches add to the unique vibe of this space. Additional nook in the back is perfect for VIP gatherings or invite-only cocktail session before event. The sixth floor event space is approximately 2,000 sq ft (plus the back lounge area) and can accommodate 80 people for seated events and 150 for networking events.